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From the 6th April 2014 Construction Workers supplied by a Recruitment Agency or other 'Intermediary' were prevented from receiving payment through the Construction Industry Scheme unless they are able to demonstrate that they are not under the right of Supervision, Direction or Control of the end user client or anyone else. From 6th April 2016 the same test now has to be considered to assess the ability of the individual to claim tax and National Insurance relief on their business expenses.

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Payroll Services for Construction Sub-contractors

The rules relating to 'false self employment' mean that Recruitment Agencies and other 'intermediaries' must ensure that employment income paid to construction workers who are under the control of their clients must be subject to PAYE tax and NI deductions.

There are also strict rules that prevent individuals who are told how to do their work from claiming tax relief on their business expenses.

Construction Arena is a Maxipay company offering a payroll service to the construction industry that can keep payroll costs to a minimum and ensures that construction workers receive the highest possible return under the self employment rules. In many cases operatives will have more cash to spend every week than under CIS.

Construction Arena is a compliant and cost effective way of making payment to your construction workforce.

Contractors and Agencies

Our service promises to comply with current tax and expenses laws. We provide you with one invoice for all of your sub-contractors drastically reducing the amount of time and paperwork required to comply with current legislation.

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Whether you are an individual contractor or represent an agency who wants to get the very best for your workforce, Construction Arena lets you enjoy a reliable service that guarantees to look after your interests.