What are the tax and expenses rules for construction workers supplied by an Agency?

The new rules mean that self employed individuals who are supplied by an Agency or other 'Intermediary' must pay tax and NI on their income as if they are an employee. Previously available relief from tax and National Insurance on qualifying business expenses are now restricted and are only available to individuals who are not subect to the right of Supervision, Direction or Control of anyone at the end client or agency.

So how does Construction Arena help my Agency?

We work with Agencies and Indiviuals to reduce the amount of Tax and NI payable wherever possible by ensuring that each operative takes advantage of the various allowances that are available when working at a temporary work place (subject to the 2016 expenses rules). This means lower costs for the Agency and a higher take home pay for the individual.

Do I need to register as self-employed?

Our service means that you do not have to register as self employed and there is no need to complete a year end tax return.

What do I need to do to register with Construction Arena?

To register with Construction Arena, all you need to do is call our helpline on 01892 686 480 or contact us online, and one of our trained advisors will discuss your personal situation and activate your account. We will work with your agency to ensure that you receive the best possible payment.

Will I receive regular payments?

Yes. You will be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the arrangements that you have made with the contractor or recruitment agency that you are working for, and all monies will be deposited directly into your bank account. Payment to you is made on the same day that we receive payment for your work. You will receive a text message letting you know when monies have been sent to your account. All payments are followed by an advice slip for your records.

Do I have to have any dealings with HMRC?

No, we handle all the dealings with HMRC.

Will the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) affect me?

No, the Agency Workers Regulations introduced in October 2011 will not apply.  

How can we help?

Whether you are an individual contractor or represent an agency who wants to get the very best for your workforce, Construction Arena lets you enjoy a reliable service that guarantees to look after your interests.