How it Works

Benefits for contractors and recruitment agencies

Designed to take the confusion out of compliance with the new tax and expenses rules, the team at Construction Arena are dedicated to maintaining systems that allow you to get the very best out of every contract. Not only do the team help ensure that your sub-contractors always receive the maximum financial benefit possible for work undertaken, but also that you and your sub-contractors are fully protected from any employment status related legal and tax challenges

  • Regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) payments are made to operatives, ensuring that your workforce is always paid the correct amount, at the correct time
  • We will pay all registered operatives upon the receipt of your cleared funds, meaning that there is only one payment for you to report to HMRC
  • All tax calculations are made in accordance with the current self employed tax and expenses rules and reported directly to HMRC
  • A dedicated account manager and our in house team will handle your account from start to finish, and deal directly with any sub-contractor concerns

As a contractor in the construction industry or a recruitment agency representing a construction-based workforce, it’s not always easy to understand complicated employment related rules and new expenses regulations, this is where Construction Arena can help.

Benefits to the Individual Sub-contractor

  • Benefit from tax savings compared to receiving payments though the CIS whenever possible
  • Receive regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) payments directly into your bank account
  • All of this for a competitive fee

Whether you are an individual contractor or represent an agency who wants to get the very best for your workforce, Construction Arena lets you enjoy a reliable service that guarantees to look after your interests.